In Fighting Two Wars Based On Lies America Gave Away Its Air Supremacy Capability To Both Russia And China


I hesitated to write this blog for there is something inherently wrong with a species and a country (specifically America) that continually goes to war. No good can come of this, and all of these non-nuclear wars bring us closer to Nuclear Armageddon.

However, I felt it worthy to inform people of the fact that America no longer has a technological edge in air supremacy (and in many other war modalities as well). We have fallen behind, and will become more behind over time, because we cannot compete economically, and war equipment is costly.

Originally posted on is ours:

I ran into some insightful videos on YouTube the other day.

Russia and China both watched what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They subsequently developed cheaper fighter planes that exceeded our best fighter planes in their capabilities.

They also developed SAM’s (surface to air missiles) that jeopardized our best fighter planes as well.

Russian fighter development is not static.

They are getting better and better year by year as the following videos from the 2013 and 2014 Paris Air Show demonstate.

China was able to get ahold of pieces of one of our downed planes in the Balkans, which helped them to leap frog forward in development as well.

Chinese missiles are a threat to our fighters as well.


We have lost our technological lead in developing war equipment. Add this fact to our economic vulnerabilities and the future does not look good for America.

We are…

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Declining Stomach Acid Production As One Ages; An Obvious Case Of Medical Suppression


Dr. Sherry Rogers book “No More Heartburn” is a must read for everyone. It exposes the maltreatment of low acid production and the health problems it causes. Dr. Jonathan Wright also wrote a book a stomach acid, which I have not read yet, but I am sure is quite good, based on my respect for him as a doctor, and the 4.5 stars gave this book based on 113 customer reviews. “No More Heartburn” can be purchased on as well. Anyone that reads these two books should justifiably lose all faith in modern medicine, IMHO.

A drug like Prilosec to treat heartburn shuts off stomach acid entirely, which in turn causes all kinds of health problems down the road from a lack of mineral absorption, etc.

In fraudulently treating the symptom, one’s health problems are made worse in a sneaky way. This is the essence of what acid reflux drugs such as Prilosec are all about.

Big Pharma does not want to make people better–> it wants to make them sicker, and profit from this, while it lies about the Truth the entire time. Dr. Rogers and Dr. Wright and many other alternative doctors know this, but our Federal Government ignores everything that they are saying.

Originally posted on Federal Government Suppression of Multiple Truths:

The average person loses close to half of their stomach acid production between 40 and 60. This is scientific fact.

I fall below average, for I have lost nearly all of my stomach acid production, something I have known since 2010 or even well before this (I was taking HCL regularly in 2002).

I took 100 650 mg. capsules of HCL with pepsin today, which represented the whole bottle.

This is the third time I have done this in the past three months with no ill effect (the other two bottles had 90 tablets of the same).

It is unheard of to take an amount such as this, to the best of my knowledge.

Yet I know I could have taken and used more.

I make almost no stomach acid it seems.

Food I eat just sits there for days, especially the hard to digest stuff such as meat.


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A Blog Addressed To Google And WordPress Regarding iRock And My Plans For Las Vegas


Today is the best I have felt in a long time because—>

I know I am doing the right thing, given the fact that I was not met in San Francisco recently.

I can prove what I know about natural cures, given the means to do so. This has been true since April 2000.

In Las Vegas you will find this out by summer’s end, or else something bad happened to me.

Originally posted on iManagement Slices from Allen D for iWood 2012:

A Truth Suppression Uncovering Internet Woodstock event as I have repeatedly proposed was the best way for us all to put pressure on the Mafia to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal in order to save America.

iRock or iRock4iFreedom, or whatever it would be called, would have put tremendous pressure on the Federal Government and the Illuminati to negotiate (or fight) as well.

Unfortunately, I forgot the lessons I learned long ago about straining the brain for too hard and too long without adequate rest.

In doing so, I wrote some seriously dysfunctional copy, copy that caused a loss of respect and/or support for me and my ideas.

I am now left with no other moral choice but to put pressure on the Feds, the Illuminati, and the Mafia on my own.

This is exactly what I am doing by going to Las Vegas and intending to teach professional…

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Allen D Is Going To Las Vegas Soon To Professionally Advise Poker Players On How To Use Free Form Amino Acids To Improve Brain Performance And Induce Sleep


The future of humanity depends on us understanding our brain and how it really works in a practical everyday sense.

This is exactly “what I know” (how the human brain works in a practical sense), and as a discoverer, I know far better than anyone else. (Odd to some, all of this understanding relates to the GI tract. The brain is only a secondary target organ to primary gut events. Fix the GI tract and dietary issues, and the brain will follow suit.)

If the Mafia wants to continue to suppress key free form amino acid, GI tract and other natural healing knowledge, knowledge on which humanity’s survival in the next 100 years or two ultimately depends, it is the equivalent of them shooting themselves (and everyone else on this planet) in the heart, and not the foot. (It is “suicide as an entire species” to suppress what I know to be true.)

Lastly, it would be a real shame if Silicon Valley and the American Mafia headquartered in NYC did not ultimately make a mutually beneficial deal to save America, and in doing so perhaps save the World too. (IMHO, this is the only chance we’ve got.)

Originally posted on WordPress Management by Allen D (aka ADOGG):

It’s the only plan that makes sense.

This plan came to me in a dream I had only a few hours ago.

I know it is the right thing for me to do.

I am excited about my future doing this, for I know what I could achieve given 90 days or so to get started.

Advising poker players in regard to how to improve brain performance “gives me my life back” in a spiritual sense.

It gives me hope, and something quite meaningful to do.

It gives me the company of other human beings as well.

And it gives me fun.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of poker, and the camaraderie.

As a result of playing poker on a professional level for almost nine years between late 1987 and June 1996, I know a great deal about what professional poker players go through when they play long…

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Allen D Is Going To Las Vegas Soon To Professionally Advise Poker Players On How To Use Free Form Amino Acids To Improve Brain Performance And Induce Sleep


My knowledge about the true dynamics of manic depression actually began in a poker playing environment in 1996, before I took nutritional supplements in order to deal with this.

The Trump Taj Mahal and the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City were “my home” for years.

I could still walk into the Trump Taj Majal today and some people on the floor and dealing would most certainly remember me.

However, it is not Atlantic City where my knowledge is of most value.

It is Las Vegas, and that is where I am going.

Originally posted on 420SmokeMASTERAllenD>ORDERS>LESBIAN420SLAVES!!!:

It’s the only plan that makes sense.

As a result of playing poker on a professional level for almost nine years between late 1987 and June 1996, I know a great deal about what professional poker players go through when they play long sessions of poker.

As a result of taking roughly 150,000 capsules of individual free form amino acids since 1997, I know more than anyone in the world how to fuel brain performance.

I am willing to freely give what I know to the world, but not in Las Vegas, where what I know is worth money, and my time should be sold, not given away.

I am going to Las Vegas to hang out my shingle for somewhere between $100 and $250 an hour.

I wanted to do this over a dozen years ago, but I knew it would be the death of me to place a…

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An Honest Assessment Of My Attitude And Situation (4-8-2014)


The Collective Action of Silicon Valley is the Power that Must Initiate Change to Change Things For the Better In America and the World.

If Silicon Valley is too afraid of the American Mafia to Initiate Change (as is fully understandable from my point of view), they should consider working together in a Mutually Beneficial Fashion to attempt to Salvage America From Impending Disaster.

My Proposal for the Mafia and Silicon Valley to get together in order to Save America is the Best Practical Answer and one that I know could work, but I do not see this happening. (Both parties are dragging their feet it seems.)

If the above Collaboration between Silicon Valley and the Mafia does not happen, it sure is going to become hell in this country, sooner or later.

I do not know what to tell people, other than to get out of the cities and prepare for disaster.

What do you think is going to happen when the grocery stores run out of food? and the banks and gas stations are closed.

Is Martial Law going to be able to stop starving people in cities from taking up arms in order to find enough food to eat, if the Feds don’t provide food for everyone?

Mad Max in America–> This is what things are going to come down to in America if it stays on the course it is on–> for this course guarantees economic collapse.

The Fraud Of Drug Oriented Medicine costs America too much already, and rising healthcare costs make things even worse over time.

Fraudulent healthcare is going to kill America for sure.

Originally posted on WordPress Management by Allen D (aka ADOGG):

I am still in Reno staying in a cheap motel by the week.

I never took the train to Albany, nor am I going to.

I am also not ever coming back to San Francisco or CA again.

I see no point for I do not see an Internet Woodstock happening as I expected it might.

I take full and complete responsibility for the failure in getting an Internet Woodstock event started.

When I think of some of the copy I wrote in FEB and MAR, it is almost as if “I sabotaged my own efforts” by my own flaws and my own stupidity.

In losing the respect of Google (which had to have happened IMHO), I do not see how it can be regained.

When I started this battle with Big Pharma fourteen years ago, I was in good health and had some strength in me.

Such is…

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